What We Can Help With Now

Case Management

Hours will vary

  • Finding permanent housing

  • Applying for social welfare benefits & health care if needed. Social Security, VA, Disability, Medicare, Medicaid, RX plans, Food Stamps, TANF etc.

  • Finding health care workers to establish security in any mental and/or physical health needs

  • Securing transportation

  • Securing permanent employment

  • Linking to Vocational Rehabilitation services to get a higher paying job

Activities of Daily Living

Hours will vary

Assist in the education and growth in the following areas:

  • Filling out paperwork and follow through

  • Finding transportation and making appointments

  • Making phone calls and communicating with others in a variety of situations

  • Filling out applications for employment

  • Teaching basic computer skills and online forums to apply for jobs

  • How to budget

  • How to cook food and purchase groceries on a budget that are healthy and yummy

  • Life/Work balance. Scheduling. Time Management

  • How to find resources and organize life events

  • Hygiene and home cleanliness 

  • Exercise & Mental/Physical health care

  • And any other daily needs that life gives us!

Spiritual & EmotionalHealing

Hours will vary

We all come from different backgrounds of faith and how we relate to God. Grace will come from a non-denominational belief and will encourage you in many principles of Jesus and why the Holy Bible says. We believe this will absolutely help you in your journey to grow and heal from deep wounds and consistent pit-falls. 


However, if you do not want to go there and take things slow and from what you believe, we will not reject you in any way. We will continue to help you in finding what you need to sustain a good life, but will always encourage you to seek a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and discover all the wonderful gifts and things He has planned for your life. 

  • Link to any addictions programs & meetings as necessary & as you desire

  • Link to Pastoral counselors, Cognitive/Behavioral counselors, group counseling, AA, NA etc.

  • Link to any church denomination or outreach programs that you would want to participate in

  • Encourage meditation in the Word and prayer time for yourself and others

  • Encourage counseling with family members and any support system you already have in place